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Paul L. Dunbar Group Inc

Making a Difference Through Community Development

Making a Difference Through Community Development

Making a Difference Through Community DevelopmentMaking a Difference Through Community Development



Hidden Voices Speak

May 16, 18, and 19, 2019 - Stories of juvenile justice and school discipline disparity, performed as part of the "None of the Above" exhibit grant awarded to PLDG.


April - May 2019 - PLDG is happy to sponsor UNcensored, a series of adult poetry and music evenings to support cultural sharing and promote social problem solving in a safe atmosphere.

Grant Awards

February 2019 - PLDG has received a grant from the Rowan Arts Council to host "None of the Above," an interactive art installation that uses narratives, live stage presentations, and visual arts, to create critical conversations and diverse perspectives on standardized testing and school discipline dispari-ty in North Carolina. Drawing on statewide interviews and workshops, the exhibit communicates complex and compelling stories. We are proud to partner with Actions for Faith and Justice (Salisbury, NC)

21st Century Community learning Centers

April 2019 - CCLC is now registering students into our 2019 Summer Camp program. Current CCLC students are eligible first. 

August 2, 2018 - "NCDPI is pleased to announce that Paul L. Dunbar Group Inc. grant application has been approved in the amount of $285,245.00."



February 14, 2020

East Spencer Urban Renaissance & Development

A presentation about possibilities in the 28039 Opportunity Zone.

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