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Making a Difference Through Community Development

Making a Difference Through Community Development

Making a Difference Through Community DevelopmentMaking a Difference Through Community Development

"Twenty $umthing"


Who We Are

Recognizing the need to decrease the racial wealth divide and income disparities between Whites and members of the Black and Brown communities, PLDG has launched “TWENTY $UMTHING” as part of its strategic plan to provide East Spencer and other marginalized areas in and around Rowan County with access to investment and capital markets. 


What We Do

  “TWENTY $UMTHING” is focused on creating these critical outcomes:

1. to decrease the racial wealth divide;

2. to hold municipalities, elected and appointed leaders accountable for decision-making that continues to widen the racial wealth divide;

3. to create economic and financial inclusion through increased project development, strategic community development, and intense scrutiny and exposure of resource allocation;

4. to ensure that elected and appointed officials are aware and knowledgeable of their biases that have affected past decisions which have skewed and diverted public monies from their intended benefactors;

5. to add value and benefit to the greater Rowan County and its economic strategies by giving voice to racially and economically marginalized residents.


Where We're Going

 To the TOP!  “TWENTY $UMTHING” promises to bring increased educated awareness to its partner members concerning the need for their participation and commitment to advocate for church and faith-based memberships, households, and communities in and around Rowan County. Town Hall Meetings and workshops relevant to investment opportunities for residents and organizations will facilitate a deeper understanding of economic and community development, with the emphasis on increasing financial stability in households.